Wood Damage due to weathering

Aqua Pro Power Washers is:

... a professional Power Washing service provider for cleaning and revitalizing most any outdoor structural surface, which secondly prepares these surfaces for protective treatment applications. Aqua Pro expertly advises and applies high quality  Sealants & Stains to the (Masonry & Wood)-structures it prepares for their respective treatments. This not only maintains each structure, it beautifies the property.

Mission Statement:

Power Washing is an extremely effective process, but it needs to be done right, and with our experienced techniques we eliminate embedded dirt, mold, mildew, and fungi professionally from WOOD, MASONRY, and SIDING without using harsh chemicals or leaving cleaning patterns especially crucial to wood. After we pressure clean, you will definitely see the difference! We can then treat (stain and or seal) surfaces  to prevent rapid aging from harmful elements like the sun, rain and outdoor exposure. This effectively makes your property’s respective outdoor areas look and feel like new for you and your guest’s to enjoy. 

Interview Q&A with the (Owner)... Scot Castellaneta:

   * Question: How long have you been in business?  

Answer: We truly were pioneers of "technical power washing" services here in Chicago in back in 1999 and considering we use fresh water to "Pattern Power Wash” to clean, we are 100% "GREEN"... YES we only use pure water when we pressure wash! In doing so, not only do we effectively restore outdoor surfaces to like new, but we can do so without the need of harsh chemicals!

* Question: What is your primary product or service?  

Answer: Multi-Surface Pressure Washing and Protective Treatments. This includes for really harsh stains, paint or residues a process called: Hydro-Blasting. 

* Question: How did you first become interested in your line of business?  

Answer: When I saw the affects of a high-pressure-power-washing unit back in the late 1990s I decided to specialize in use of this unique water based cleaning equipment. The way it striped away dirt, fungi and stains was amazing to me and most notably my clients as well; I went into business. Years after Aqua Pro began, so then did the "Green Movement"! Today it makes more sense than ever to clean "Green" with 100% pure water and not harm the property or environment in the process with harsh chemicals.

* Question: How do you differentiate yourself from other businesses in your category and area?  

Answer: Please Note: (we are not painters or "handy men" that have included pressure washing equipment to their repertoire); we do specialized work using developed skills and techniques under one trade: POWER WASHING!  And have such implemented PATTERN POWER WASHING as our technique to systematically restore surfaces to their like new appearance without creating lines and marring to the structure. Some People claim they can use a power washer and simply can’t. Some still use harsh chemicals and scrub brushes!  We make it better all-around to call an established pro for this type of work! Call an "Aqua Pro".'ll be glad you did.   

* Question: What is your background?

Answer: I served proudly in the U.S. Air Force in the 80s. Then after my enlistment ended, I wanted to pursue business ventures with Insurance and Securities and did so. However, after Hurricane Andrew dismantled my house in South Florida, I returned home to Chicago to start anew. I realized, I loved the Mid-West, four-seasons and the Windy City. I became a GM for Ala Carte Entertainment in the 90’s and then always an entrepreneur at heart, actually since I was 13 when starting my first business (i.e. Scoty’s Maintenance), I went back to it when discovering this “then” unique cleaning process.

* Question: Provide directions to your location.

Answer: We are located at 3018 North Lake Terr. in Glenview and while you a welcome to stop by our office, it is necessary that we come to you, whereby providing our clients free estimates 100% of the time. 

* Question: What type of payments do you accept? 

Answer: We  accept: cash, check, credit-cards and Quick Pay.

Δ WOOD Treatments - A 2-Day Process...

KNOW NOW…That You Will Prolong the Life of Any Outdoor Wood structure with this Effective Cleaning and Treatment Process. This remarkable system is what has been termed...Power Washing or Pressure Washing / Pressure Cleaning.

WOOD like on our valued DECKS or FENCES is an organic substance that naturally wants to Biodegrade, and it is exposed outdoors 24/7! Cleaning is essential in the prevention of rot and decay! The beauty of wood can be maintained by effectively stripping dirt accumulation and microbiological fungi growth with controlled pure high-water pressure. We use water only when we technically Power Wash, thus the name "Aqua Pro Power Washers". Aqua Pro can and will skillfully restore the most unsightly dilapidated wooden surfaces back to its like new appearance!   

Secondly, after the wood is properly cleaned, it needs to be protected from the elements, so select with you a treatment process for the desired visual affect while all of our treatments are formulated to protect the wood as well. If the client wishes to have a “natural look”, we recommended Oil-Based Clear-Coat Sealants or for a client who desires a new color tone, we recommend Oil Based Stains. Acrylic stains or sealants are recommended when the wood has an uneven color-tone and the client wishes to even out and or cover with a new match or aesthetic appearance. Please note: Clients may choose any brand or color-tone desired while we are happy to advise on our experience with certain brands.   

• The Two-Day Process...   

DAY 1: Aqua Pro conducts power washing to remove with pressurized water-jets, embedded dirt from the wood in a uniform and eye-appealing manner. You will definitely see the difference! Note: Non-Professional use of high-pressure water jets by amateurs at 3200psi and above typically results in lines, un-uniform cleaning patterns, fraying or damage to the wood. Correction may require rewashing or even sanding. With Aqua Pro you will see a clean evenly distinct improvement in the surface and with NO harmful cleansers or chemicals being used, just skillfully applied high Aqua Pressure! The Power Washing step is essential in preparing the surface of the wood for the protective penetrating oil treatment application that follows on day two, which comes in the form of either clear-SEALANT or (anything with a tint or color tone is considered a STAIN).   

DAY 2: Mother Nature permitting (noting the wood must be dry before, during and after treatment) we schedule a 2nd day for either A: Clear-Coat Sealant or B: Stain Treatment (both seal and protect):    

A. Clear-Coat “Oil Based” Sealant is preferable to “Acrylic Based” for the wood surface. This will start to penetrate to seal within the wood immediately and prevent cracking, warping and retard UV rays while enhancing the wood's natural like new appearance. Once this is applied it is protected immediately. It is advisable to stay off the surface for the next few hours, so not to get the oil on your shoes or feet; although no marking will occur if you step or place objects on the wood when using Oil Sealant.  

B. The application of protective Oil Based Stain is preferable to “Acrylic Based” stains for the wood surface because it again it penetrates into the wood fibers, while acrylics lay on top and create a shell protection. *Acrylics are good for solid exact color matching and there are plenty a need for this acrylic application. (You in any base-scenario have a choice of color-tone). Once this is applied it’s fine to tread on within 6 to 24 hours dependent on the temperatures. If maintained regularly, your wood can last a life-time; effectively saving you thousands in replacement costs. 

*Recommended maintenance on wood surfaces varies depending on your ecosystem. With sealant, figure every 1 to 3 years. AND with Stain, figure 2 to 5-years on average. Your eyes will know when it’s time. If a surface is turning grey, this is oxidation or dry-out and it’s time. If it is green or black this is fungus at work eating and decaying away at the wood… it’s past time.

Δ MASONRY Cleaning & Treatment Process

  MASONRY like BRICK or GREYSTONE CONCRETE, LIMESTONE and SANDSTONE are areas that can benefit from effective standard power washing. For pollutants, rust and paint stains Brick and Greystone can be deep cleaned with a process called Hydro-Blasting. This restoration is a process where sand is inserted to the water jet for an intensified cleaning resurfacing effect. You will see in our picture gallery examples of how effective this process is in removing 100+ year old dirt, grime and pollutants off of the brick revitalizing it like new again.   

All masonry can be Seal to retard dirt, fungi and water from penetration by occupying the pours and blocking absorption including salts into the surfaces of the masonry with silane/siloxane based sealants by grade in the PPM (parts per million). *We can advise on the grade required for each individual substrate. Softer masonry like limestone should be sealed regularly because if deep stains occur, it is to soft of a substrate to hydro-blast, so keep it clean & protected! … Your masonry will now have a totally clean new appeal for you to enjoy for years!

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