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Soft or Pressure Cleaning

House or Building Facades Cleaning incorporates the pressure washing of the external walls of the particular dwelling. We use just the right pressures, which vary, to remove embedded dirt, green fungi and most any stains to effectively power wash the surfaces like new. Our process cleans all types of Sidings, Brick, Greystone, Sandstone, Limestone, Stucco or Dryvit. Where ever fungus persists we then locally sanitize in a controlled manor to brighten and disinfect the substrate.

Hydroblasting (instead of sandblasting)

Hydroblasting incorporates sand, glass bead or other types of media into the water jets. When combined with high water pressure and flow rate, we can eliminate most any type of stains like graffiti, 100 year old pollutants on Graystone’s, fire damage, egg, rust and more. This process is quite technical, a bit more than standard pressure washing. It requires knowledge of the substrates that can handle Hydroblasting and the technique to use with the right media fed into the jets. Aqua Pro can eliminate these unwanted stains from your property grounds and structures.

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