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Masonry Cleaning & Treatment Process

Aqua Pro cleans Masonry: BRICK, PAVERS, GREYSTONE, BROWNSTONE, BLUESTONE, QUARY STONE, SLATE, TRAVITINE, TILES, CONCRETE, LIMESTONE and SANDSTONE, which benefits from effective standard power washing procedures. For pollutant stains, rust marks and paint in the form of (splatter, graffiti or coatings) on standard Brick and Greystone structures, especially facades, we can deep clean with a process called Hydro-blasting. This restoration process is where sand is infused into the water jets for an intensified cleaning and resurfacing effect. You can see in our picture gallery examples of how effective this process is in removing 100+ year old dirt, grime and pollutants off of the many substrates whereby revitalizing it like new again.

All masonry can & should be sealed to retard UV exposure, especially water, but also dirt & fungi from either adhering or penetration surfaces. The Silane/Siloxane sealants cure, they occupy the pours and hair-line fishers in the masonry substrates to block absorption of water and salts into the facia. This prevents spalling or the pop-outs especially on concrete driveways & sidewalks. The grade of sealant is measured in the PPM (parts per million) of these protective properties. *We can advise on the grade required for each individual substrate. Concrete driveways, sidewalks and softer masonry like limestone should be sealed regularly because it is very porous and prone to water damage during winter’s freeze. Limestone or sandstone it is very costly to replace, so keep it clean, sealed and looking great by protecting the substrate for years to come!

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