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Wood Treatments - A 2-Day Process (dependent on the size).

AQUA PRO SERVICES… Will absolutely prolong the Life of Any Outdoor Structure with our Effective Cleaning and Treatment Process. This remarkable system that is identified by many terms but we call it… Power Washing! Other identifying names are:  Pressure Washing or Pressure Cleaning are all designed to revitalize surfaces, facia & structures by providing Deep Cleaning to the substrate. Pressurized water effectively removes embedded dirt and fungi from most any outdoor surface.

Step two of our process is the Treatment Phase; where we  apply specific Sealants or Stains (noting stain, has sealant properties with a color tone added) to the respective wood or masonry surfaces. If the surface is wood we can apply a quality oil or acrylic stain. If the surface is concrete, stone or brick; we can apply a quality protective waterproofing sealant to prevent spalling (pop-outs) and dirt adhesion. For a paver structure, we can insert Polymeric Sand into a patio’s brick joints & crevices to stabilize the brick in place and then seal the surfaces to protect from water intrusion for lasting protection while beatifying the space for you to enjoy.

WOOD like on our valued DECKS or FENCES is an organic substance that naturally wants to Biodegrade, and these structures are exposed outdoors… 24/7/365! Cleaning is essential in the prevention of rot and decay! The beauty of wood or masonry can be maintained by effectively stripping away dirt and microbiological fungi that grows as eat eats away at the wood. We use water only when we technically direct controlled High Pressure to any surface, thus the name “Aqua Pro Power Washers”. Aqua Pro can and will skillfully restore the most unsightly weathered wood or masonry surfaces back to its like new appearance, then you have the option to treat the freshly cleaned surfaces for eco-protection and aesthetic enhancement!

So Secondly, for decks & fences, after the wood is properly cleaned, it needs to be protected from the elements. We select with you a quality treatment product for the desired affect. All of our treatments are formulated to protect as it beautifies the wood as well. For the client that wishes to have a “natural look”, we recommended Oil-Based Clear-Coat Sealants or for a client who desires a new color tone, we recommend Oil Based Stains. Note: Acrylic stains are NOT recommended for natural raw wood. It is for wood that has an uneven color-tone usually from a formerly applied acrylic stain that has dilapidated and the client wishes to even out and or cover up imperfections with a new matching aesthetic appearance. Acrylics still are good treatments and have a firm place in the industry, but for true wood aesthetics, we recommend Alkyds (Oils Based Products) when possible for the betterment of the wood over time.

The Two-Day Process

DAY 1: Aqua Pro conducts pattern power washing service’s to remove, embedded dirt & fungi from wood, masonry, composite or vinyl surfaces in a uniform and eye-appealing manner. You will definitely see the difference!

  NOTE:  Non-Professional use of highly-pressurized water for cleaning by amateurs at 3200psi and above may results in marring, lines, unevenness or non-uniform appearances that we call cleaning patterns or even damage. The result may be fraying & etching damage or incomplete residual dirt & fungi being left behind on the facia or substrate. Correction may require rewashing, expensive sanding or unfortunately resurfacing.

With Aqua Pro: You will definitely see the difference. We will leave a clean distinct revitalization of the surface and with NO harmful cleansers or chemicals being used in our water jets. Just skillfully applied High-Aqua-Pressure! The Power Washing step is essential in preparing the surface of the wood for the best aesthetics and the specifically selected protective treatment application that follows on day-two.

DAY 2: Mother Nature permitting, we schedule a return on a 2nd day for either:

         A: A Clear-Coat Sealant for wood or masonry. (OR )

         B: A Stain Treatment (for color enhancement that seals and protects at the same time):

  NOTE: surfaces must be dry before, during and after treatment. After is virtually instant for wood sealant and 1 to 12 hours for stains, which will be under advisement dependent on the product, temperature and substrate.

A. Clear-Coat “Oil Based” Sealant is preferable to “Acrylic Based” for wood surfaces.

Why you may ask? Oil based products will start to penetrate to seal within the wood immediately when properly cleaned and prevent cracking, checking, warping and retard UV rays, while enhancing the wood’s natural like new appearance. Once this is applied it is protected immediately. It is advisable to stay off the surface for the next few hours, not because it will effect the appearance, rather so not to get the oil on your shoes or feet and mark say a sidewalk or inside the house. If you wish to step or place objects back on the deck, just remove your shoes before going in the house when an Oil Sealant is applied.

B. The application of Oil Based Stains for wood are preferable to “Acrylic Based” stains because again, oil penetrates into the wood fibers and protect and conditions the wood from with-in, while acrylics lay on top and create a shell type of protection, no real conditioning. *Acrylics are designed for covering unsightly wood or from previously acrylic treated wood. Solid acrylic stains cover everything and create a painted like surface, but when fail, they peel. Not so with oils. Some people desire this clean solid colored look to their deck or fence, so there is a need for the acrylic application products. Note: once this “water-based” product is applied, it will require it be used forever more, unless you sand it down and that is expensive. Acrylics do allow you to tread on the surface within 1 to 6 hours dependent on the temperatures and you can feel to the touch if it is dry.

  NOTE: If maintained regularly, your wood deck, fence and masonry patio’s can last a life-time! Don’t spend thousands in replacement costs. Call a Aqua Pro to clean, enhance & protect it for year after year enjoyment.

*Recommended maintenance on wood surfaces varies depending on your ecosystem. Think if your deck was is in the Amazon rain forest or if it is in a dry Arizona environment. All areas have different ecological variants that affect the amount of dirt, fungi or moisture accumulation, That goes for UV light exposure on your outdoor structures as well. Even neighbor to neighbor have different microbes that affect certain structures. With sealants, figure proper maintenance intervals every 1 to 3 years. AND with Stain, figure 2 to 5-years on average. Your eyes will know when it’s time. If a wood surface is turning grey the wood is beginning to dry out or if green or black, it is being eaten by mold spores, fungus and decay. Damage is eminent and it’s time for Aqua Pro Power Washers to get things back in shape!

  *NOTE: We do offer deck repair / board replacements…


                  when wood has dangerously become rotten.

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