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Maintain by Beautifying & Protecting your Wood & Masonry Areas

Power Washing is an extremely effective process, but it needs to be done right and with our experienced techniques we professionally eliminate embedded dirt, mold, mildew, and fungi from WOOD and MASONRY without using harsh chemicals or leaving unsightly cleaning lines on your deck, patio, pavers and concrete walkways. Done correctly, Aqua Pro uses our developed Pattern Power Washing process to evenly “Green Clean” with pure water to restore most any outdoor surface and you will definitely see the difference! Then we beautify & protect the respective surface(s) with a quality sealant or stain treatment. We can recommend products, or you can select a brand of choice for you and your guests to enjoy all year long.

Paver Patios, Walkways & Driveways - Stabilization & Sealant protection

Pavers are a mosaic that is build with the utmost care for structural integrity. After it is installed and leveled, it needs to be maintained. That is where Aqua Pro comes in. We Pressure Clean the surfaces to remove embedded dirt and fungi including the moss that grows in-between the brick joints. The joint cleaning is important so the structure can accept Polymeric Sand to stabilize the bricks from moving and water seepage from removing the base causing sinkage. Once the sand is activated with water, the polymeric sand solidifies. Now your ready for a protective coating of sealant in order to waterproof and protect the facia of the masonry. This is important not only for pavers but for concrete which is prone to spalling (popping out when water freezes in the surface) during winter.

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